If you are a Teacher, a TA or an ITC and you’ve accidentally deleted a quiz or other important item in your course, let us introduce you to one of Canvas’s great hidden features – “Undelete”. Keep in mind that “undelete” won’t get back everything that you’ve deleted – the number of deleted items that show up is limited. If you don’t see what you need to restore (or you can’t quite decipher which thing you should undelete) give 6-TECH a call (256-8324 or 6-tech@uncg.edu).

  1. Navigate to the course in which you accidentally deleted something.
  2. Check the URL. It should look like this, but with a different course number:


  3. At the end of the URL, simply type /undelete. Your URL should now look similar to this:
    Adding "undelete" to the URL
  4. You will see a list of items that have recently been deleted in your course and that can potentially be undeleted. Simply click “Restore” next to the item.
    Your accidentally deleted item should be back. And if it was something that had student submissions associated with it like a quiz or assignment, those submissions will be restored too!

    List of items that can potentially be restored

Students can also use the “undelete” feature to retrieve items that were deleted from a group they’re a member of. Simply substitute the group URL for the course URL and type /undelete at the end.