IT Security Awareness Training is mandatory for employees, beginning in the Spring 2016 semester. The training is provided online via Canvas, and contains a series of videos and information that is followed by quiz questions. Up-to-date details about the training can be found on the website.

A brief summary of the process required to complete the training is provided below. If you require face-to-face assistance, check the UNCG Workshops website (

Step 1: Login to Canvas and go to the Security Awareness Training course

All Courses Link location

Step 2: Read the requirements for the course

  • The course has multiple “modules” on different security topics.
  • Each module has a quiz that you must score 100% on, in order to pass the course.
  • Other requirements and details are provided in the introduction section

Step 3: Begin by accessing the first module (pictures to follow steps)

  • Click on the “Modules” link on the left side menu of the course
  • Click on the first item in the list provided (Introduction will be the first one available)
  • Click to watch the video, and then click the “Next” button to go to the next piece of the module, which is a quiz
  • Click the button to take the quiz, and then follow through the questions, answering each one.
  • After the last question, click “Submit Quiz”
Step 3 in Pictures
  1. Modules menu link
  2. Watch video screenshot
  3. Begin quiz screenshot
  4. Save quiz screenshot

Step 4: Repeat for all other modules

  • Repeat the process from Step 3 for all available modules, until you have completed all quizzes.
  • If you score less than 100% on a quiz, you can re-take that quiz until you score 100%.

Step 5: 24 Hours after completing quizzes, check your status

  • Your progress will be included in reports that are sent to department/division leaders at UNCG.
  • To view the data that will be included about you, and to verify if you’ve truly completed all requirements, use the “Check My Status” link on the left-side menu of the course.

“Check My Status” Examples

If you complete all the requirements, your “Check My Status” page will look similar to this:

Completed Requirements

If you DO NOT complete all the requirements, your “Check My Status” page will look similar to this:

Completed Requirements

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

If you need assistance with this training, please contact the ITS Service Desk, 6-TECH (256-8324).