As the start of the semester nears, it’s time to think about organizing your Canvas courses.  If you have existing content in Blackboard or Canvas from previous semesters, you can usually carry that content over to a new semester’s course without a problem!  Here are some reminders on how to do this:

If your old course is in Canvas:

You’ll simply import a copy of it into your new course.  Here’s how:

  1. Browse to the new semester’s course.  Go to Settings (bottom left), and at choose “Import Content into this Course” (right)
    canvas course homepage with settings button highlighted

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    canvas course settings page with Import Content button highlighted

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  2. You’ll then be asked where to import the content from. In the dropdown menu, you’ll choose “Copy a Canvas Course”

    canvas import content screen with copy course menu item highlighted

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  3. After that, you’ll choose your old course
  4. You can either import all of the content, or select specific content – either way you should be able to get what you need
  5. Canvas can also try to adjust due dates for you – if you choose this option, it is highly recommended to use the official semester start and end dates (first day of classes and last day of finals) according to the UNCG Academic Calendar

    canvas import content menu with options highlighted

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If your old course is in Blackboard:

Your course of action will vary.  Colleagues from other schools have told us that designing your course from scratch in Canvas is a better way to go than exporting a course from Blackboard Learn:

  • Designing from scratch provides you the opportunity to become familiar with the tools and features of Canvas
  • Re-designing your course in Canvas gives you the opportunity to consider learning goals and intent of the course materials;
  • When you export from Blackboard, “junk” files are created that you will have to deal with in Canvas and some items require so much clean up that it might be easier to re-create them.

If you choose to design from scratch, it’s usually helpful to download your content from Blackboard first.  You can do this by downloading your Content Collection (all files used in your course):

  1. In your course, go to Control Panel > Content Collection > [your course code]
  2. At the bottom right, click “Show All” to see the entire list of your content
  3. At the top left of the table, next to the “File Type” heading, check the checkbox to select all of your files
  4. Click “Download Package” to download a ZIP file that contains your entire Content Collection
Blackboard Content Collection with download steps highlighted

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However, if you still want to export from Blackboard and import into Canvas, please see the steps listed on Transferring a Course from Blackboard to Canvas for detailed steps.  You’ll start by exporting your content from Blackboard, and then importing into Canvas and cleaning it up.

Getting help

If you need assistance with this process, your departmental / unit ITCs (Instructional Technology Consultants) can help!  If your unit does not have an ITC assigned, you can alternatively seek assistance from ITS (as resources allow).  ITS offers drop-in consultations (reservations required) and workshops – more information can be found on the ITS Workshop Schedule for Canvas.