Cross-Listing Course Sections in Canvas

If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course and would like to combine them into a single course for the convenience of adding content to only one course, then you can use the cross-list function in Canvas to do this. For example, if you are teaching an online course that includes both a main campus section (M) and a distance section (D), it’s likely that you’ll want to cross-list (aka combine) these two sections.

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NOTE: only cross-list courses BEFORE students have began working in them. If you cross-list an active course, assignment submissions and grades will be removed and may not be recoverable.


Here’s how:

1. You’ll designate a “parent” section and one or more “child” sections. For example, if I’m teaching ENG 101-01 and ENG 101-02, then it’s likely that I’ll choose section 01 to be the “parent” and section 02 to be the “child.” It really doesn’t matter, except that the parent course holds the content, so if you’ve already began adding content to a course, then that’s the course that should be the “parent.”

2. The cross-list (aka combine) process begins in a child course. Go into the child, or secondary section. Click on SETTINGS in the course menu and then click on the SECTIONS tab. You will see the section listed – it is a link – click on it.

click on section name



3. Click on CROSS-LIST THIS SECTION on the right.

click Cross-List this section



4. The Cross-List Section box will appear; where it says “Search for Course” begin typing in the name of the course which is the “parent.” When the course appears, select it and then click the Cross-List This Section button.
search for course and click cross-list this section


5. Repeat the steps above for each “child” section that needs to be cross-listed with the “parent.”