After the Fall 2015 semester, UNCG’s Canvas environment will look a little bit different. Recently, Canvas introduced a new, updated User Interface (UI). While it may be a bit startling at first, the differences are really not as significant as they look. This article will help you to find what you’re looking for in the new UI.

Dashboard – Comparison

Here is a visual comparison of the old UI to the new UI:

Snapshot of the old Canvas dashboard

If you are a Teacher, a TA or an ITC and you’ve accidentally deleted a quiz or other important item in your course, let us introduce you to one of Canvas’s great hidden features – “Undelete”. Keep in mind that “undelete” won’t get back everything that you’ve deleted – the number of deleted items that […]

The Canvas Syllabus Tool provides an area where instructors can post information regarding their course as well as an automatically-generated list of assignments, the class calendar, and grade weighting information. We recommend that you only post a short description, contact information, and link to a PDF version of your actual syllabus rather than copying, pasting […]

Although Canvas does not include a native blogging tool, there are several ways that instructors can achieve a blog-like functionality, both within and outside of Canvas. Blogging Within Canvas Blog with the class Discussion Board One option is to use the class Discussion Board, which is viewable by the entire class. Instructors can create a […]